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LUTON TOWN has a very diverse community, ASIAN being the largest ethnic minority followed by BLACK / CARIBBEAN and there is also a very large IRISH community.

We are very proud to have people from different backgrounds, cultures, religions and ethnicity living in one town.

The diversity of the town is what makes it so special and vibrant.

Luton was previously famous for the hat factories, that is where the name hatters came from!

Recent years Luton is more popular because of the LONDON LUTON AIRPORT.

We also have a large shopping centre which used to be called THE ARNDALE CENTRE but later changed it’s name to THE MALL.

LUTON is located in BEDFORDSHIRE, nearest towns are DUNSTABLE to the north and HARPENDEN to the south.

Our website homepage will have a section with links to events and activities happening in and around LUTON that will benefit our community as a whole.

Links will be educational, anything that would help a person in their mental and physical health.

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